Welcome to Saint Anne’s. Until we can safely re-gather again, Saint Anne’s has suspended in-person worship and church ministries. Please scroll through our website to see our opportunities for online worship and learning. Everyone is welcome.

Saint Anne's
Episcopal Church
Middletown, Delaware

When you visit Saint Anne's, we want you to feel comfortable, and so here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

8:45 AM Children's Worship
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9:30 AM Holy Eucharist
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Children's Bulletin Bulletin
10:30 AM Sunday Forum
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6:00 PM 7th & 8th Grade Youth Group
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7:00 PM High School Youth Group
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6:00 PM Centering Prayer
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8:00 AM Bible Study
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10:00 AM Bible Study LIVE
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6:00 PM The Daily Office of Evening Prayer
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6:30 PM Bible Study
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Our Ministry

How is God present at Saint Anne's Church? Come and see. What is God doing through the faithful people of Saint Anne's Church? Come and see. What is the worship like at Saint Anne's Church? Come and see. What are the people like at Saint Anne's Church? Come and see.

If you desire to worship God in a Gospel-centered Christian church, if you desire to serve your neighbors through active outreach ministries, if you desire to grow in faith through engaging Christian formation, if you desire a friendly community, if you desire to be part of a diverse and inclusive Christian church that truly welcomes everyone, come and visit Saint Anne's Church.

Established in 1705, Saint Anne's Episcopal Church continues the tradition of worship, service, learning, and fellowship that began when the first congregation of faithful Christians gathered here in Appoquinimy more than three hundred years ago and named their church Saint Anne's. As we did then, so we do now, we invite everyone to come and experience the saving grace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Come and see. Everyone is welcome.


Saint Anne's Episcopal Church offers a safe and sacred space in which Christians gather to grow in the essential practices of worship, study, and service. Worship, both private prayer and corporate celebration, is the foundation of our Christian life. In worship, we open to receive God's Holy Spirit and to stay connected to the flow of God's grace, which is the source of divine life and love. Study informs, strengthens, and develops our Christian life. In study, we nourish and nurture our faith, going ever deeper into the divine mystery of the revelation of God in Jesus Christ by exploring Holy Scripture and the Christian tradition. Service is the practical expression of our Christian life. In service, we engage with each other and with our neighbors in life-sustaining ministries of hospitality, generosity, and care. If you desire to grow in Christian faith, hope, and love, we invite you to come to Saint Anne's and to join us in Christian worship, study, and service.

Historic Old Saint Anne's Church

Historic Old Saint Anne’s Church is located on the corner of South Broad Street and St. Anne's Church Road in Middletown, Delaware. Established 1704-1705 by a missionary society of the Church of England in what was then known as Appoquinimy (present day Middletown and Odessa) and named in honor of Queen Anne, English monarch at the time of the parish's founding, Saint Anne’s has two historic church buildings in which to worship: Old Saint Anne's Church (built 1768-1772) and Saint Anne's "town church" (built in 1872 and destroyed in the Great Fire of Middletown in 1882 and rebuilt later that year).

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